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STORY IN THE SKY is a team of people who tell your story in the sky. The basis of the innovative light show are tens to hundreds of drones specially designed to draw unforgettable images in the night sky. STORY IN THE SKY acts synergistically with the Belgian company ANDLIGHTS. Together we organise drone shows across Europe as part of a close partnership. Developed software synchronises illuminated quadcopters into individual formations. Both the software and drones are completely designed, developed and approved in the European Union. Safety, which is always paramount, is supervised by certified pilots who meet all the requirements of the Transport Office of the Slovak Republic.

We have expanded our portfolio with a new solution for indoor drone shows based on our own navigation system. As a result, we bring a drone show that forms a perfect tandem with lighting and artistic elements in indoor spaces. One of these collaborations led to the realization of a joint project with the team of artists from INSPINIA. In response to customer demands, we have added additional services that allow us to fully cover any event from the perspective of drone themes. This includes theoretical and practical explanations on how to use quadcopters, real demonstrations of FPV flights, and coordinating flights for the audience.

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